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Preparing Your Home for Sale


When you decide to sell your home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the to-dos and boxes to check off your list. From our Real Estate Team at GK Group to you, we want to provide some tips for sprucing up your property for sale.

If you plan to keep your existing furniture in the home during the selling process, consider making some small changes to reinvigorate prominent spaces. For example, add touch up paint to scratches and nicks on the walls at repaint door frames to look fresh. Take a minute to look at your front porch; after all, it is a buyer’s first impression. Place some flowers or buy a new doormat to catch your visitor’s eye. Find ways to make them feel welcome as soon as they enter what could be their future home.

It is very important to eliminate clutter in your home. When selling property, less is better. Don’t try to fit too much into a room and make sure there are obvious paths for traveling throughout the house. While everyone has a junk room or closet in his or her house, it is a waste of space. Despite what you used that special room, find a way to re-purpose these spaces with potential ideas for how buyers can maximize the space. Maybe it’s the perfect place for a reading chair and lamp. Get creative to give your home more functionality.

                                                       If you plan to move your furniture and decorations out of the house before beginning the selling process, consider staging the property. In case you don’t know, staging is outfitting a home with furniture and decorations to allow the potential buyer to imagine picture their family living there. But, for staging to be effective you must highlight the strengths of the property.

When choosing furniture to put in the home, use neutral styles and color palettes to allow the buyers to imagine themselves in your home. Place the couches and chairs in conversational positions to give it a unifying aura. When it comes to the bedroom, don’t overlook putting furniture in the room. Your buyer will spend a majority of their time in that room if they buy the house, so make it feel inviting and cozy. If you cannot afford a real bed, buy a cheap frame and an air mattress and dress it up with neutral bedding. Staging isn’t complete with furniture and simple decorations. To show the full package, add little touches that help the buyer’s imagination. Add towels near the bathtub or put a vase of flowers in the kitchen. This minor investment will go a long way for your real estate agent to sell your home. 


If you have questions or need help staging your home for sale, do not hesitate to give us a CALL – (954) 684 2205

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